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  • Deadlights

    Not only are the lights out, nobody’s card works. The credit card machines are all down.  There are eight people in line. I am sure they all want to pay with cards. Everybody pays with card.   I’m the only clerk this afternoon. Tina’s out. Again.  Didn’t even call in. Just a no-show. If this isn’t […]

  • Lovettsville

    I believe in science. It is the only thing capable of answering all of our questions, given enough time. But I have wrestled, for decades at this point, with the memory of what took place in that upstairs room on a moonlit night, in a creaking old farmhouse far out in the Virginia countryside. Whatever […]

  • Soul

    I had not actually seen Simmons in person for about a year. The last time we spoke was during a flurry of research he had me do over the course of a couple of months, mostly dark web stuff, for which Simmons required my expertise. When I last saw him in person, he still looked […]